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“My discharge status has been a lifetime scar. If I were discharged today, my PTSD would be recognized and treated—and I wouldn’t be punished for having a service-connected medical condition." said Plaintiff Conley Monk
"We are rapidly becoming the voice of the Veteran. Our commitment to change for a better world, begins with the Veteran who has dedicated their lives to empower Humanity," Garry Monk, Executive Director

said Fred. "I would not have found out about the available Medical benefits and discharge upgrade information for Veterans with less than honorable discharge's if I had not attended our membership meeting."

Executive Board

<h4>Pamela Kelley</h4>

Pamela Kelley

Director of Special Projects
<h4>Conley Monk</h4>

Conley Monk

<h4>Garry Monk</h4>

Garry Monk

Executive Director
<h4>Olivia Monk</h4>

Olivia Monk

Assistant Director, Treasurer
<h4>Carolyn Boykin<h4>

Carolyn Boykin


Members and Speakers

<h4>Mike Smith</h4>

Mike Smith

<h4>Maria Henry</h4>

Maria Henry

<h4>Ricardo Sealy</h4>

Ricardo Sealy

<h4>Billy Rudd</h4>

Billy Rudd

<h4>Jane Sarja</h4>

Jane Sarja

rsealy nsaigura jtaylor fL NVC6 NVC5 NVC4 NVC41 NVC2 NVC7 leone attends 2015 If you are interested in joining our team or helping out we'd love you to Join Us! Pictures provided by Howard Chernikoff